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Google Origami

Google Maps transformed into Origami

Google My Business was a new product that helped small business owners share their information on Google. We were challenged with creating a global print and OOH campaign hat explained the product and drove business owners to sign up.

The campaign had to be global and language agnostic - meaning that any assets created would have to be clear and compelling to all types of business owners everywhere. They would need to work just as well for a florist in Sydney as they would a baker in Mumbai or a cafe owner in Berlin.

The beauty of the Google My Business product is that it allows owners to showcase the character of their business on Google. So we took one of the most iconic visuals of the Internet age, Google Maps, and transformed it into items representing various small businesses who had signed up. Renowned origami artist Joseph Wu was commissioned to turn Google Maps into 36 original pieces of art representing actual small businesses. Created physically, the beautiful end products were photographed by Marc Tule and run in proximity to the businesses who’s information was featured.

While specific data cannot be shared due to confidentiality, the effectiveness of the campaign exceeded even the most optimistic expectations. The campaign is being rolled out in even more countries than initially planned, and put on display at Google campuses globally.


The origami

Concept and execution of each piece origami to iconically represent local businesses.


Local business were mapped exactly to the pin location, which was considered when the object was conceived and when the camera position/angle were determined. 36 individual pieces of art were created - 12 business per city (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane). This is a selection of those.
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