About me

Ultimately though it’s not just about passion or vision; it’s about seeing your project finds its home with a greater audience, being on a team and enjoying the camaraderie along the way.

Blake Bakken has been evolving his own unique and rigorous sensibilities about principles, aesthetics, design and fashion since early childhood.

He thinks that his first signs of standing against the grain of what is expected came at the age 5 when he turned down the request to change down from his well-tailored khaki suit and brightly patterned tie in order to participate in the annual Easter egg hunt - feeling the moment of independence surprise his Mother and himself.

And it is that same dedication to craft and his abilities to push every project, every piece of design, that continues to fuel him today.

Be it the intricate folds of a Google map turned into hand-crafted origami or the individualized textures and patterns of a mediaX branded house of cards, Bakken exerts a fastidious energy and yen to impart a piece of his refined sensibilities into each and every project.

To Bakken a design challenge or executional problem simply means press harder, try something new, inspire everyone around you to do what it takes to follow a vision through to its endpoint. Ultimately though it’s not just about passion or vision; it’s about seeing your project finds its home with a greater audience, being on a team and enjoying the camaraderie along the way.

Blake will stand up against the incoming tide if it means his work will live up to his own personal standards because it isn’t just work, it’s a summation of his distinct sensibilities, and what it has taken him to get there. 

Blake has over 20 award-winning years of experience working with design and advertising agencies for global brands including Audi, Barclays, Google and Target.

CV > Blake Bäkken, grafisk konstruktør

Goal mål
To create focused and outstanding work in an environment where my talent, experience and creativity are utilized, cherished and nurtured.

Eight Words åtte ord
Discerning eye, compassionate heart. Seeks beauty in all.

History historie
Associate Creative Director, Siegel+Gale
San Francisco, CA 03.10 > now
Clients > Wells Fargo, CalAnimals, New Business

Design Director, monoSF
San Francisco, CA, 06.17 > 03.18
clients > Stanford, Google, Krave, New Business

Design Director, Turner Duckworth
New York, NY, 12.16 > 04.17
clients > Samsung, New business

Associate Creative Director, Siegel+Gale 
New York, NY, 01.16 > 12.16
clients > SAP, FDA, McDonalds, Novartis, Guardian, Synovus, Dale Carnegie, PDR, pskw, ConnectiveRx

Freelance Design Director, Creative Director
San Francisco, CA / New York, NY / Chicago, IL
11.15 > now
clients > State Farm, McDonalds, Media X at Stanford University, SAP, Little Lotus, Siegel+Gale, ThinkSo

Design Director, Venables Bell & Partners
Co-Founder, Design Director, vbp orange
San Francisco, CA, 10.04 > 12.15
clients > Google, Audi, HBO, Skyy Vodka, Reebok, Intel, Robert Mondavi Winery, Thumbtack, Clear, Healthy Choice, eBay, SchoolsRule, Vizio, Conoco, Phillips 66, 76, PG&E, iShares, Barclays, Mervyn’s, 24Hour Fitness, yellowpages.com, Revlon, Vitamin Water, Motorola, Real Networks, BMW, Turner Classic Movies, Old Navy, SanDisk, A&E.

Senior Designer, Venables Bell & Partners 
San Francisco, CA, 10.03 > 10.04
clients > PG&E, HBO, iShares, Barclays, Mervyn’s, Heller Ehrman

Senior Designer, Barclays, San Francisco, CA, 10.02 > 10.03

Freelance Art Director & Graphic Designer, San Francisco, CA, 04.01 > 10.02

Senior Graphic Designer, ThoughtHouse, Inc., San Francisco, CA, 5.00 > 4.01

Freelance Graphic Designer, San Francisco, CA, 2.00 > 5.00 

Graphic Designer and Junior Art Director, KERKER, Minneapolis, MN, 8.98 > 2.00

Graphic Designer, Merrill Design (in-house creative) Minneapolis, MN, 9.94 > 8.98

Graphic Design Intern, Minnesota Center for Book Arts (MCBA), Minneapolis, MN, 1.94 > 9.94

Strength styrke
Highly motivated and focused / Strong design sensibility / Fruitful conceptual and creative ability / Excellent attention to detail / Passion and talent for creative problem solving / Eager to learn / Extensive history of positive relationships with clients and co-workers / A thorough understanding of the time and detail sensitive nature of our business

Persistence utholdenhet
Lauded with Effies, Cannes Lions, Graphis Gold, National and local Addys and various other awards from 2002-2018, Siegel+Gale Unstoppable Award 2018, VB&P Employee of the Year 2002, 2000 ALA Best Magazine Ad from RAC, 1999 Kerker Team of the Year, 1996-98 Merrill All-Star, 1992-94 Student Juried Exhibition Merit Award, 1993 Student of the Year Award for Outstanding Advertising, Graphic Design & Printmaking

Enlightenment utdannelse
Graduated cum laude with a BFA in Graphic Design, Advertising Design & Printmaking from 
the University of Wisconsin.

Love kjærlighet
Meditation, Technology, Nature, Contemporary Art, Yoga, Design, Literature, Industrial Design, Cooking,Interior Design, Electronic Music, Printmaking, Architecture, Sunshine, Ballroom Dancing, Wine, Road Trips, Walks Near Water, Hugs, Drawing, Color, Unexpectedness

Praise ros
Paul Venables | Will McGinness | Jane Chen | Martha Russell

Full contact information happily provided when appropriate.